My new team and I are excited to launch Merry Wonderer —  a strategic and creative organization passionately geared in building immersive activations, marketing and branded entertainment programs. 

We are your resource to help connect the dots and build event programs, content and experiences with partners that can propel their business to new heights.  

During my 20 years with Macy’s and the head of the Macy’s Parade and Entertainment Group, I was grateful to have a platform to blend my business acumen with my creative spirit. As the Executive Producer of Macy’s Parade and 4th of July Fireworks, I worked for a multi-billion dollar organization although I always felt my work was best described as entrepreneurial.

I led my team in developing marketing partnerships where there were none, introduced companies and celebrities to beneficially join forces, and produced thousands of events including two of the biggest live entertainment programs in the country.

Merry Wonderer is poised to make the big, bigger.  The dynamic, more complex.  The experience, even more engaging. We are open for business with a slate of select clients and poised to help brands create their own memorable moments and deeper story telling. 

 Big events or small. Big budgets or not.  We are here for you.

Call us.  

I wonder what we can do together?  

P.S.: I still have Santa on speed dial.